Why us, We meet your needs by Providing a blueprint for personalized landscape maintenance programs with everything up front and continuing Education to meet our industry standards. It is our mission!

Our Mission

Our Mission:

To offer consistent maintenance programs, assuring safety and efficiency while maintaining competitive pricing and quality service.

What We Believe...

§  Customer focused

Without satisfied customers, we have no business.  Once we obtain a customer, we do all we can to satisfy that customer and keep them as a customer year to year.


§   Excellent service

We are in the service business. As we continue to provide excellent service, we will thrive and prosper. Giving excellent service provides long-term benefits.

§  Beat the competition

We are committed to outperforming our competitors. We provide quality service at a fair price. In all aspects of our business, we strive to be better than our competitors.

§  Innovative programs

We are consistently researching and testing new products and equipment for maximum consumer value.

§  Respect and value others time

We value our customers and team members, and treat them with respect.  Employees are given every opportunity to succeed and grow professionally. A triple-win is: What is good for customers and ownership must be good for employees also.

Serving the Following Communities and surrounding areas:

 Sterling Heights
 Bloomfield Township
 Bloomfield Hills
 Shelby Township
 Rochester Hills
 Royal Oak