A Promise Kept!


Perception and low ballers

After more than 27 years as a landscape contractor we have noticed a change in customer expectations and perceptions - our society in general has an expectation of higher quality goods and services at lower costs. This expectation is what drives innovation and service trends, this is a good thing! Unfortunately many landscapers no longer meet the expectations of the customer leaving them high and dry. What makes a great contractor is a desire to please the customer by engaging them in every step of the process; listening to and anticipating the customer's needs and offering expert opinion and explanation when what the customer wants is not the best option.

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There is a trend of cut and run lawn company's which run down the cost and professionalism. Be cautious!. With a professional service you pay for there knowledge of the industry and the benefits are excellent service and on going training for its personal. A good service provider is customer service driven not profit driven. Read More
Keeping services simple and sustainable is the best practice while making it interknit leads to chaos. Read More