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Posted by Administrator (admin) on Feb 24 2020 at 9:57 PM
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1 Use Phosphorus free fertilizers (This is the second number on the bag across the top)
2 Remember water runoff will go back to our water supply either through the ground or drains.
3 Do not blow or direct grass clippings in to road ways this will end up in our rivers, lakes.
4 Always get a soil sample before you fertilize your lawn. If you over fertilize the excess will end up in our rivers and lakes.
5 More water doesn't mean a greener lawn.
6 Be smart save money and water 3, 4 days a week, water large areas longer including high areas of sun, water shaded areas less .Ask your lawn care provider for recommendations.
7 Shaded areas well there are no magic remedies you need to provide a key element the sun. You need at least 4 hours of light it doesn’t matter what time of day.
8 Hiring a company based on cost this is the service you get, no knowledge of industry standards or any knowledge to give advice.
9 Hiring a company based on value you get personal service, knowledge, responsibility, established in holding to industry standards.
10 Contracting a large company that is what you get you pay for the brand of the company and the show , less customer service in areas you might expect, personal service ?, hidden costs, a lack of understanding about what you want . Most hold to industry standards, have combined knowledge because of turnover of workers and staff and this leads to frustration for you. Due your research and draw your own conclusion, best of luck. Bryan



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